Quality Statement

SMH Industrial Services Co. Ltd., an Operation & Maintenance, Shutdown & Turnaround, Machine Shop & Metal Fabrication, and Logistics & Support Service Company is committed to achieving TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by perusing the following objectives:

  • to fulfil or exceed customer’s expectations in a consistent and timely manner.
  • to develop our technology and infrastructure continuously in order that we may offer the latest available technology to meet the ever changing market demands.
  • to assist our Clients realize their full potential by providing the highest quality products and services with a zero complaint as possible.

Our customer support strategy is based upon total customer satisfaction and we will continually strive to offer a complete package of up-to-date value added solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

We value above all our Long Term Customer Relations.

Control Of Work Policy

SMH is committed to working continuously towards all projects targets of no accidents, no harm to people, no damage to the environment, no damage to property, no quality non-conformances and to meeting project schedule milestones through the effective, clear and well defined processes that control the work that we do.

If work is not adequately planned, controlled and monitored, accidents can result, quality can be compromised and schedules will not be met. All work shall be planned and scheduled effectively to achieve our goals.

This policy describes how all work activities will be controlled and monitored on SMH worksites. This policy also applies to subcontractors and other personnel at SMH worksites.

A training program is in place to ensure that all personne! are trained and competent to deliver their accountabilities. The process of how work is controlled will be audited as per a schedule agreed by SMH and relevant Clients.

All SMH worksites for activities that involve, as a minimum, Confined Space Entry, Energized Systems, Lifting Activities, Work at Height, Pressure Testing and Hot Work must be operated under a Permit to Work (PTW) Process. Deviations to the PTW system apply only to new construction work and can only be approved for particular circumstances for a limited time. These deviations must be approved by the Project Manager and the respective Client Representative and, only after a risk assessment is completed.

All tasks and activities must be assessed by use of the SMH risk assessment process to identify risks to Health, Safety and Environment and to Quality and Schedule. Without the risk assessment, work cannot be permitted to proceed. The hazards and controls associated with each task / activity must be communicated to all personnel involved, prior to commencing work. For this purpose, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process is employed and all personnel must participate and sign an attendance sheet prior to commencement.

If the Scope of Work, or the work environment changes, the relevant work group must take a Time Out For Safety (TOFS) to review the change and its impact to the task and, conduct a revised JSA prior to resuming work. Lessons that are learned, both good and bad, must be shared for all to learn from. Lessons Learned meetings or Safety Stand Downs will be held with all personnel.

All work shall be regularly monitored by site supervision, so that to ensure that it is being executed safely, within quality specifications and, as planned. Upon completion of a shift, or upon completion of a task, site supervision must ensure that the worksite is left in a clean and safe condition.

Every person on site has the obligation to Stop Unsafe Work and, to take Time Out for Safety. SMH rewards those people who make the effort to ensure a safe work environment.

Roles and responsibilities for the key personnel involved in delivering and monitoring the Control of Work process , and their site management accountabilities are stated and approved by SMH Senior Management.

Health, Safety And Environmental Policy

SMH recognizes its legal, moral and financial responsibility and accountability to conduct its business responsibly to preserve and protect the environment and to be vigilant in ensuring the health and safety of SMH employees and all SMH stakeholders. SMH consider and recognizes the protection of Health and Safety of employees and the Environment as a corporate responsibility and are committed to pursuing the highest standards of prevention of occupational illnesses, injuries and environmental degradation during SMH project execution.

SMH Commitments

To achieve this, SMH is committed to make the following commitments and requires all its employees to act accordingly;

  • Take ownership of Health, Safety and Environmental compliance and performance excellence as an organizational core value by ensuring compliance with all client and National HSE requirements, regulations and standards applicable to SMH business.
  • Provide appropriate resources to develop, implement and maintain the approved HSE Management System to identify hazards, eliminate or appropriately manage HSE risks, to protect the environment, and to prevent injuries, illness and property damage.
  • Ensure our employees proactively subscribe to the SMH HSE plan, comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards as well as our own policies; and empower them to eliminate or appropriately manage activities that pose a threat to people and/or the environment.
  • Maintain a perpetual HSE system to monitor, audit, review, and continuously improve our performance and the effectiveness of our HSE Management System and compliance with client HSE requirements.

The SMH HSE Policy shall be afforded active dissemination and promotion to ensure the highest possible level of exposure to promote proactive HSE awareness and assurance amongst all the stakeholders.