Project List


SAUDI KAYAN-Overhauling of JSW Extruder.

SIPCHEM-Support Services for Extruder O-H.

SAMAC-Non Critical Rotating equipment .

SAMAC-Rotating Equipment Motors De-Coupling / Coupling & Laser Alignment.

SAMAC-Overhauling of JSW Extruder Unit during SD 2022.


SAMAC-Overhauling of JSW Extruder and Pelletizer Units during SD 2021.

ARRAZI-Major Overhauling of Turbines (5 Nos) of Turbines, Minor Overhauling og Turbines (4 Nos), Compressor (4) Fan ((2) and Pumps (2)

SHARQ-Major Overhauling of Extruders (2 Nos)

TASNEE-Major Overhauling MHI Compressor and Turbines

SAUDI KAYAN-Overhauling of JSW Extruder and Auxiliaries

TASNEE-Major Overhauling of Black Line Extruder, Compressor, Planetary Gear Boxes, Pumps, Agitator , Conveyor and Motor Replacement, Rotary Feeder.

SAFCO-Testing of Earth Pits  for 48 Pits. Including Preventive maintenance and corrective Maintenance

IBN ZAHR-Major OH. Major OH completed for Extruder, Melt Pump, Screen Pack Changer and Pelletizer

SCHEM-Completed PM of 26 Fin Fans and  Overhauling of 16 Fin Fans including Bearing Replacement and Shaft inspection

SAUDI KAYAN-Major OH of HDPE extruder (KOBELCO Make – LCM 500) including Extruder, Melt Pump, Pelletizer, Mixer Gear Reducer and Melt Pump Gear Reducer.


SATORP-Machinery Services Package 2 – SD2020(Overhauling Services of Centrifugal, Blower, Pump, Compressor, Gearbox and Turbines

SAUDIKAYAN-Machinery Services PC Plant - SD 202(Overhauling services on JSW Extruders, Tuthill Vacuum Blowers, Process Agitators with Gearboxes, Blowers, Rotary Feeders, Pumps etc.)

SAUDIKAYAN-Mechanical Services PH-AMINS-U&O-SD-2020(Overhauling services of Agitators, Bucket Elevators, Conveyor, Centrifuge, Blowers etc.)

IBN ZAHAR-Major OH of Line#1 Extruder in PP1 plant(Twin Screw Extruder, Main Gearbox, Melt Pump Replacement, Melt Pump Gearbox, Diverter Valve, Pelletizer and SPC unit)

IBN ZAHR-OH of Rotating Equipment in PP2 Plant during SD 20(Major/Minor overhaul of equipment including but not limited to VRC Compressor, Extruders with it’s auxiliaries, Blowers, Pumps etc.)

AR-RAZI-OH of Rotating Equipment Package Plant-V TAM 20(NG Booster and Sync Gas Compressors with it’s Steam Turbines of MHI Make, Expansion Turbines, LOX Pumps, DFW and BFW Pumps)

SADARA-PE1TA20-CRE Support Services (Major overhauling of Recip Gas Compressor, Refrigeration Compressor, Process Pumps, Extruder Pelletizer/Dieplate, Blowers)

SAMAC-Overhauling of JSW Extruder and Pelletizer Units during SD 2020.


SIPCHEM -Manturbo CTG Train Overhauling with accessories, Recycle Gas Compressor

TASNEE-Overhauling of CO, CO2, Feed Gas Compressors, Process Gas Air Fans, Expanders, Agitators

SADARA-Nueman Essar Ammonia Compressor and Reactor Pumps

SADARA-Kobelco Hydrogen Compressor.

IBN RUSHD-Overhauling of Siemens Air Compressor, SNM Turbines, Agitators (24nos.), Dryers (3 nos.), RPF and RVF

IBN RUSHD-Overhauling of Discage Reactors, Agitators, Radial Fans, Rotary Valves, Pumps

TASNEE-Major Overhauling of LP1 Product and Propylene Compressors with it’s Turbines (MHI Make), Process Air Compressor (Manturbo Make)

TASNEE-Major Overhauling of Coperion Extruders (2nos.) Gearbox, Agitators, Agitator gearbox, Rotary feeder, cooling Fan, Screw Compressor, Splitter Compressor, Pumps, Motors.

AR-RAZI-MHI Make Process Compressors (4nos.) and Steam Turbines (10nos.), ID/FD Fans.

AR-RAZI-NG Booster-Compressor, NG Booster-Turbine, Syn Gas-Compressor, Syn Gas-Compressor, Syn Gas-LO Turbine, Syn Gas-Turbine, Circulator Compressor, Circulator Turbine, Fans.

SIPCHEM-CO2 Compressors, Blowers, RGC Compressor, RGC Turbine, Auxiliary of RGC Compressor & Turbine, VGC Compressor, VGC Turbine & Gearbox, Auxiliary of VGC Compressor & Turbine, FGC Compressor, FGC Turbine, Auxiliary of FGC Compressor & Turbine.

SAMAC-Overhauling of JSW Extruder

SAFCO IBB-Overhauling and damper replacement of Centrifugal Fans (3nos.)

MAADEN PHOSPHATE -Major OH of Siemens Blower & Sulzer BFW Pump for SAP Train-B TAM

SAUDIKAYAN-Overhauling of Line 1 and 2 JSW Extruders during PP SD-2019

GAS(YANBU)-Main Mechanical Contract during Phase 1 TAM in Nov 2019


TASNEE-Pelletizer, Gear Box, Agitator, Motors, Recip compressor

AL-BAYRONI-Reciprocating Compressor, Turbines, Fans, Agitator, Gear Box , Pumps

AR-RAZI-Major Overhauling of Turbines (4 Nos) of SNM Turbines, Inspection of MHI compressor , DGS replacement of MHI Compressor

GAS JUBAIL-Expander Turbine (2 Nos), Main Air Compressor, MP GAN Compressor, Booster Air Compressor

GAS YANBU-Expander Turbine overhauling

SHARQ-CAMERON Compressors overhauling (4 Nos.) – Emergency

GAS YANBU-Expander Turbine (2 Nos), Main Air Compressor, MP GAN Compressor, Booster Air Compressor

SIPCHEM-Overhauling of ID / FD fans, Pumps, Turbine

MAADEN PHOSPHATE-Overhauling of ID / FD fans and Pumps

SAMAC-Overhauling of JSW Extruder and ABEX Gearbox

IBN ZAHR-Major overhauling of Extruder and VRC compressor


SAUDIKAYAN-Reactor Agitator, Centrifuge Decanter, Screw Compressor, Slurry Pumps

SAHARA-Extruder Planetary Gear Box (RENK)

AR-RAZI-MHI Train NG Booster Compressor and its Turbine, Sync Gas Compressor (HP/LP) and its Turbine

TASNEE-Vertical Salt Water Pumps (4nos.), Process Air Compressor and it’s Turbine (MHI), Blowers (5nos.)

SAUDI CHEVRON-Fin Fans, Recycle and Net Gas Compressors, Air Compressor, Steam Turbines, Generator, BFW Pumps, Lube Oil Pumps, FD and FGR Fans

MAADEN-PHOSPHATE-Dryer, Granulator and Coater

TASNEE-Circulation Pumps, Gear Box, Accumulator, Motor Alignment

MAADEN PHOSPHATE-Dryer, Granulator and Coater

TASNEE-MHI Make Product Compressor (LP and HP) – Emergency

SAUDIKAYAN-Turbines, Turbo Expander, Pumps, Motor Alignment

SAUDIKAYAN-Compressor, Conveyer, Vibration screen

SAUDIKAYAN-Upgradation of SNM Pumps (3nos.) and Turbines (2nos.)

SAUDIKAYAN-JSW make Extruder and its Gear box

SAUDIKAYAN-Tuthill Blowers (24 Nos.), Atlascopo PCS compressors, Rotary feeder, Extruder Gear boxes and its coupling

AR-RAZI-MHI Sync Gas Compressor DGS replacement.


AL-BAYRONI-Ammonia Compressor (HP/LP) & Turbine, Sync Gas Compressor (HP/LP) & Turbine, Air Compressor (HP/LP) & Turbine, Feed Gas Compressor & Turbine, CO2 Gas Compressor (HP/MP/LP) & Turbine, Sea and Fresh Water Pumps

SAUDIKAYAN-Agitator, Blowers, Extruders, Pelletizers, Air Compressors

SAUDIKAYAN-Oxidation Compressor, Lube Oil Pumps, Blowers, Conveyors, Elevators, Motors


SAUDI CHEVRON-Extruders (Coperion) and Gearboxes for HDPE, LDPE and PP Units

SAFCO-IBB-CO2 Compressor Train (Turbine, HP/LP Compressor and Gearbox) and Ammonia Turbine


TASNEE-OH of Black Line Extruder, Palletizer, Pellet Dryer during HDPE TAM-15.

SIPCHEM-OH of Fin Fans (42nos.) During IMC TAM 2015.


TASNEE-OH of Rotating Equipment Package in HDPE Plant during TAM-14.


SAUDIKAYAN-OH of Rotating Equipment Package in Phenolics Plant during TAM-13.

SAUDIKAYAN-OH of Rotating Equipment Package in PC Plant during TAM 2013.