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Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Amcs Condition Monitoring Services

At SMH we understand the importance of condition monitoring programs in Asset Health Management. We provide the services of competent personnel who have good experience in trouble shooting machinery problems using condition monitoring techniques. We provide these services usually on a yearly contract basis for deputation of our personnel at site on a continuous basis. However we also provide our short term contract services for baseline data establishment for plants in start-up and commissioning mode or during a plant turn around.

SMH has been awarded two long term contracts by prestigious SABIC companies for providing condition monitoring services in their plants. We also take up contracts on visit basis for plants which need condition monitoring of their assets only at specific period of intervals.

Case To Case Vibration Analysis, In-Situ Balancing

SMH also provides services of trouble shooting of vibration problems on a case to case basis. We also carry out in-situ balancing of blowers and fans and other rotating equipment having provision for in-situ balancing.

End To End Implementation Of Rcm

SMH have the resources to provide End to End implementation of RCM. We can take up these programs starting from Asset Criticality Ranking, Development of Risk Matrix, Opportunity mapping and going through FMEA to assess Risk Priority Numbers and also recommend Risk Mitigation measures. SMH can also take up RCM implementation in Phases. In case a plant has already identified Asset Criticality and want us to involve in the FMEA stage we can offer our services in partial implementation on on this link.

Engineering Simulation

We at SMH realize that many plants change operational parameters in line with the company business objectives. We have come across vibration problems arising out of changes in load patterns and operation patterns in both static and rotating equipment. We provide support services by way of Engineering Simulations using ANSYS and ANSYS CFX for study of natural frequency changes and also flow induced problems. These engineering simulations usually lead to practical solutions without major design changes to achieve the company’s production objectives and without endangering equipment.

We also take up Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) studies wherever required to identify some of the vibration problems which are not diagnosed through usual vibration analysis techniques.

Sale Of Icm Products

SMH has been enrolled as System Integrator by Rockwell Automation (famous for ALLEN BRADLEY PLCs) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.( It is widely known IRD Mechanalysis, USA pioneered the concept of Predictive Maintenance using Vibration Monitoring technique. The company manufactured portable analyzers, data collectors and continuous monitoring systems. IRD Mechanalysis also held a patent for world famous bearing condition monitoring parameter known as ‘Spike Energy’ gSE. IRD Mechanalysis was taken over by Entek Scientific Corporation in Mid 90s and has subsequently been acquired by Rockwell Automation). Rockwell Automation offers

  • Dynamix Continuous vibration monitoring systems
  • Dynamix Surveillance systems
  • Dynamix portable data collectors
  • Condition Monitoring software
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Calibration Services

There are several portable and online vibration monitoring systems in Industry and calibration of these play a vital role in effective functioning of these systems. SMH offers calibration facility for vibration instruments and sensors. We can take up calibration of proximity vibration displacement probes, accelerometers and check the calibration of vibration data collectors. We can also take up calibration at site during turnarounds and also if the number of sensors are more than 10.

Vibration Analysis Certification Training Programs

  • Watch this page for our new announcements on our training program and training calendar.