Plant Operation and Maintenance

SMH provides management, supervision and skilled workforce to ensure plant facilities run efficiently, and is fully responsible for the selection, hiring, training, and deployment of manpower who will assume operation and maintenance activities.

SMH performs all inspection, maintenance and repairs detailed in the scope of work with diligence, and ensure that job is undertaken with care and adherence to environment safety and security of plant and people.

Shutdown And Turnaround

SMH Industrial Services Co., Ltd. specializes in helping clients manage the repairs and maintenance of all rotating equipment, whether a planned or unscheduled shutdown minimizing the downtime due to repair interventions. Our technical team is well-versed in the use and upkeep of plant machineries and equipment, regardless of brand or make.

We always maintain our excellence in restoring the life cycle of the equipment and ensuring the safe and efficient operations between scheduled or unscheduled shutdown. SMH experts always keeps an eye to details in every phase of the activities, no short cut happen, best practices and lessons learned are our tool to success, more importantly, key steps or procedures are applied.

SMH shutdown workforce is focus on the aspect of quality, safety, cost and time which is most critical for success. Every stages of the activity is being projected and divided into phases to determine the calculated results.

  1. Plan and organize
  2. Mobilization
  3. Execution and implementation
  4. Startup and turnover
  5. Demobilization

Every phase of the event of this undertaking is carefully studied and conscientiously implemented to maintain our Excellence in Service.

Project Management and Industrial Support Services

SMH Project Management Team carefully plans and organizes our efforts and resources to accomplish a successful project undertaking.

We provide independent and professional service in planning, organizing, executing and controlling the activities of projects from preparation up to turnover.

Standard processed and procedures help us provide services with consistency and quality that is beyond contentment.

SMH is expert in managing the day to day activities of a plant and its facilities. From orchestrating the production flow up to managing human resources issues, whatever our clients need, SMH is there to deliver.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their target.

Rotating Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

At SMH, experts who possess long years of practical hands on experience in the field of Rotating Equipment provides full technical support to all types of rotating equipment (compressors, steam turbines, pumps, blowers, motors), analyzes operational control, conduct field troubleshooting and investigation, come up with permanent solution, implement fault analysis process, and solve daily rotating equipment problems.

We strive to meet all needs and requirements in rotating equipment repairs and maintenance to extend service life and achieve the required levels of performance in a cost effective approach. Our services cover preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance with innovative approach.

SMH Technical Services Department houses the experts and machineries that answer every need of our clients for timely delivery, high quality and cost effective services.

Each of these Technical Specialists have earned more than 30 years of experience with rotating equipment manufacturers, had advanced trainings in Europe and United States; and have shared their expertise with various petrochemicals, refineries and fertilizer plants.

These people are capable of handling the assembly, erection, trouble-shooting, overhauling, maintenance and repair of turbo machinery such as Steam and Gas Turbines, Pumps, Compressors and Gear Boxes, regardless of brand/maker.

SMH organization is proven organisation for its capabilities, performance and responsiveness on Turbomachinary and all Rotating equipments. We covers every aspect of customer support including project management, field service, parts replacement, shop repairs, design engineering, fabrication. Our repair work shop is equipped to handle turbomachinery and all Rotating equipments.

Field services include:

  • Routine maintenance, installation, and startup
  • Problem analysis, diagnosis, and corrective action
  • Repair recommendations
  • Project management including major overhauls, inspections, maintenance support, and Relocation & installation services.

SMH propose a turnkey approach for all services needed including experienced personnel, complete tooling, project planning and scheduling for projects large or small.