Message from the Director General

Demands are changing in the Industrial Support Service sector as it is growing fast. So much so that Support Industry is dealing with the growing needs of the world’s renowned oil & gas companies, petrochemicals and manufacturing plants in repairs and maintenance during the preventive maintenance activities or during shutdowns and turnarounds.

SMH bravely respond to these demands and revitalize every phase of maintenance activities to meet the schedule on time and lower the cost while putting safety and quality on top of everything; feeding our employee with the latest technological advancement through continual training and development; and geared them with relevant skills, tools and resources to bring the plant to a successful startup without any hurdles.

We have proven our expertise through this program which makes us the Rotating Equipment Specialist. As gratitude, we will continue to strive for the best to serve our clientele that uphold our commitment and given us trust. We will also strive to conquer the trust of the whole industrial sector….

Mohammed Shabeer
Director General